Click Attendance Manager©

Want to save money by not overpaying your employees?

Want to save time by drastically reduce the time spent in calculating employee worked hours and pay?

Want to accurately track your employee time, attendance and punctuality?

Want to instantly know which employee is in or out of the Site?

Want to provide supervisors the convenience of tracking employee attendance remotely from their own computers?

Want comprehensive, flexible and extensible yet user-friendly time clock software for PC?

With Click Attendance Manger, the easy and comprehensive Employee Time and Attendance Tracking Software System, you can do all the above easily.


Click Attendance Manger is an employee time and attendance tracking software system specifically designed to be a complete software solution to control, record the attendance of employees and calculate salaries according to attended time.

This is the most accurate and easy way to collect and calculate employee time, salary and attendance information by single click of a mouse.

Your employees simply click one of mouse, the system automatically recognizes who is entering or leaving the Site and keeps an exact record of the time. You simply click one of mouse, the system automatically collects, Calculate employees working hours, and salary accurately.

You have accurate information and calculated payroll sheets in just a second. You can later print this information or export it to Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word or many different formats.

Unlike many other time clock software with very plain user interface, this user friendly, comprehensive, flexible and extensible employee time clock software for PC helps you to track employee time and attendance effectively and efficiently.

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Save your money permanently!

Ensuring that your employee is not overpaid. Pay your employees for the exact time they work.

Accurately tracking employee reporting times and generates exact employee pay.

Eliminates the continues cost of using mechanical punch clock , time cards and attendance book sign in/out processes.

You do not have to purchase any additional hardware.

With its built-in accounting payroll, you may not need to buy additional accounting payroll software.

Save your Time permanently!

No more time calculations by hand.

No longer need to spend hours manually going through unreadable paper timesheet

No longer need to spend hours to consolidate employee worked hours.

No longer need to spend hours to calculate employee’s exact salary.

Avoid the hassle of auditing paper-based time cards.


Quick and easy set up. It takes less than 1 minute to install each of the Click Attendance Manager software...and another few minutes more to enter your employee data and the solution is all ready to use.

Easy and fast to Use, like all other our products, we spent much time in making sure that the software is very easy to learn and use by both the administrator. Managers and employees.

Record and capture employee attendance as employees click in and out with full data security.

Instantly track employee attendance by showing whose in/out office now. You can also see last punch in time and last punch out time.

You will always know who is on time and who is late.

Standalone or multiple distributed time clock software system

you can setup Click Attendance Manger employee time and attendance tracking software system on one single computer or on multiple computers in your network. Built-in Accounting Payroll Functions. Calculate employees working hours accurately in a second including deduction and bonus.

Export reports to many different formats.

System Requirements:

Microsoft Windows© 98, Me, 2000, XP , vista, 7. Pentium processor or higher with128 MB RAM and 50MB free hard Disk space.

Technology is only useful so long as it's running properly!

We can ensure that it does. Our trained professionals are experts in the many different aspects of IT Support. From a single machine to any large network, we can help.

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